Salt Cave is a place of rest and deep relaxation. Interior closely resembles a natural salt cave (only natural salt was used for its construction). Sessions are held in temperature (still maintained) at approx. 20 degrees Celsius and the humidity never exceeds 45%. The heating and blowing system makes the salt evaporate, negatively ionizing the air and filling it with valuable health bioelements. Session should last min. 45 minutes and be repeated regularly.

Ionized air, filling the cave is saturated with trace elements and elements (iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine, sodium). While in the room, we inhale primarily iodine, because the salt is its rich source. The concentration of iodine, which is located in a cave, is several times larger than at the seaside. It strengthens the body and, above all improves the functioning of the respiratory tract and immune system. Relaxing in the salt cave is especially recommended for children of all ages and people during recuperation.

During a 45-minute-long session number or trace elements are inhaled:
JOD - responsible for the functioning of the thyroid gland that manages metabolism and regulates weight;
CALCIUM - strengthens immunity, soothes skin irritations and regulates the functions of cardiovascular system;
MAGNESIUM - antistress impact, positive effect on the cardiovascular system;
POTASSIUM, SODIUM AND CHLORIDE - have a positive effect on the heart and improve blood circulation of the skin;
IRON - an essential component of hemoglobin;
COPPER - antifungal impact, affects the synthesis of hemoglobin and endocrine glands;
SELENIUM - slows down the aging process;
BROM - calms the nervous system.

• respiratory diseases - asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, throat and larynx problems, hay fever, shortness of breath, cystic fibrosis;
• dermatological diseases - psoriasis, acne, eczema, dermatitis,
• diseases of the vascular system - heart failure, post-infarction states, hypertension,
• stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, colitis, gastritis,
• allergies,
• overweight,
• Hypothyroidism,
• neurotic states.

• acute respiratory viral infection with high fever;
• tuberculosis, emphysema,
• hyperthyroidism,
• history of pulmonary tuberculosis with other morphological and functional changes
• chronic coronary insufficiency
• cancer
• acute and chronic kidney disease
• claustrophobia
• frostbite, hypothermia
• sensory disturbances
• skin damage
• inflammation of the bladder.

Monday - Friday : 4pm - 10pm
Saturday - Sunday : 12pm - 10pm

Regular: - 20zł/1h/adult
Open pass: - 40zł/adult