noce saunowe


Sauna Connoisseurs and amateurs of blissful relaxation we recommend a unique event - sauna nights. It's a special night during which four aromatic ceremonies take place in the Finnish sauna. One session purifies upper respiratory tract with herbs and eucalyptus crystals. Another highlight of the evening is iodine - bromine peeling of the whole body, and rejuvenating facials. Everything conducted by charismatic sauna master Łukasz. Holistic ceremonies start with splash of specially prepared mixture of aromas on hot stones that creates a unique atmosphere. Then the master of ceremonies circulates warm air to sweep pleasant scent around guests. During the breaks between sessions you can relax in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and enjoy the taste of sweet fruit and juicy vegetables.

Ticket price: 80 zł / person

Start: 10pm/ End: 2am